Petroleum Engineering & Analytics Research Lab

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The Petroleum Engineering & Analytics Research Lab - PEARL - at West Virginia University is the only research and development group in the world with a complete and comprehensive focus on the application of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining (AI&DM) in the exploration and production industry. PEARL's objective is to develop the next generation of oil and gas professionals who are trained in the art and science of data-driven modeling and its application in all aspects of upstream exploration and production.   PEARL's research and development activities are focused on the following overlapping area: 
  • Smart Fields 
  • CO2 Sequestration and EOR 
  • Unconventional Resources 

Playing a vanguard role in the fusion of data driven modeling and machine learning, PEARL is shaping the future of problem solving in the oil and gas industry. Our focus, dedication and strong background in AI&DM as well as complete access to the most advance technologies and software applications that integrate classic reservoir and production engineering with data driven modeling and machine learning uniquely qualifies us to play such a role.

PEARL’s complete access to integrated technologies such as Top-Down, Intelligent Reservoir Modeling (TDM) and Surrogate Reservoir Modeling (SRM) as well as traditional numerical reservoir simulation and surface facility modeling software applications provides the foundation upon which it has built a strong team of dedicated scientists and engineers.

PEARL in the News:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Come of Age in Oil and Gas, JPT, SPE's Flagship Magazine, January 2013
  2. Mohaghegh reappointed to DOE advisory committee - August 2012
  3. PEARL member wins the 2012 SPE prestigious fellowship- February 2012
  4. PEARL Recognized for its Contribution to Response to Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - November 2011
  5. Oilfield Data Mining Short Course at SPE Annual Conference, Denver - October 2011
  6. Pearl Director Invited to “Total” for Lectures on his Latest Research & Developments - September 2011
  7. Pearl Director to Sit On Panel Discussion - September 2011
  8. WVU (Pearl) Researchers talk about Marcellus Shale Production - September 2011
  9. WVU (Pearl) Researchers Use A.I. to Optimize Marcellus Shale Production - September 2011
  10. Pearl Scientists in Morgantown Evaluate BP Oil Spill - August 2011
  11. WVU (Pearl) researcher part of team that correctly estimates Gulf oil spill numbers - August 2011

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