Petroleum Engineering & Analytics Research Lab

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  Jitendra Kikani   Jetendra-Page

Manager of Reservoir Performance Products
Chevron Energy Technology Company
Houston, Texas, USA

Jitendra Kikani is the Manager of Reservoir Performance Products at Chevron's Energy Technology Company in Houston. He is responsible for Reservoir Simulation and Modeling Research and Development within Chevron. Prior to this he was with the Quality Assurance Team within Chevron that was responsible for subsurface evaluation of Major Capital Projects. He was also the Gas Asset Team Leader for the Southern Africa SBU within Chevron. Dr Kikani's interests include Reservoir Modeling, Reservoir Surveillance, Data Mining Techniques and Decision Analysis. He also worked for Shell Research from 1993-1996. He holds a BS degree from Indian School of Mines, MS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and in Mathematics from Stanford University and a PhD from Stanford University in Petroleum Engineering.


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