Petroleum Engineering & Analytics Research Lab

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  Razi Gaskari  




Intelligent Solutions Inc
Chief Technology Officer
Morgantown, WV, USA

After receiving his PhD from West Virginia University, he started his career as research assistant professor at petroleum engineering department at WVU. In 2007, He joined Intelligent Solutions Inc. where he is working as CTO today. His research interests are intelligent systems application and data mining in Top Down reservoir Modeling (TDM) and Surrogate Reservoir Modeling (SRM). Gaskari Conducted several researches project in the area of Artificial Intelligence technologies as applied in the Petroleum Industry to solve complex non-linear problems. Reservoir characterization, workover/ stimulations/infill drilling and candidate selection as well as performance prediction and fracture design and production optimization are a few examples of such problems. He has published more than 27 technical papers during his career. Gaskari is a technical reviewer for SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering Journal since 2006.


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