Petroleum Engineering & Analytics Research Lab

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  Thomas M. Snow   THOMAS_SNOW_001PEARL

Senior Reservoir Management Consultant
Exxon Mobil Production Company
Houston, Texas, USA

After graduating with Honors in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1981, Tom joined Exxon Production Research Company.  For six years, he did laboratory, simulation, and extensive field operations work on several EOR pilot tests.  He also developed expertise in project economics and taught profitability analysis worldwide before transferring to New Orleans to join the development planning team for the Mobile Bay field.  Several supervisory and advisor assignments followed in Gulf of Mexico and Eastern US operations.  In 2002, Tom transferred to Esso Australia as a Reservoir Manager for that affiliate, and in 2008 filled the same role for Esso Angola.  In 2010, he began his current position as a global consultant on reservoir management.  He has been an SPE member for 30 years having published several papers, served as a peer reviewer, and held section officer positions in both New Orleans and Melbourne.



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