Petroleum Engineering & Analytics Research Lab

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             Publications and Theses             
2010 2011 2012

  • Shahab D. Mohaghegh
Shahab D. Mohagegh, West Virginia University; Top-Down, Intelligent Reservoir Model. European Geological Union General Assembly (Vol. 12, EGU2010-233, 2010). Vienna, Austria. May 2010. [PDF]

Shahab D. Mohagegh, West Virginia University, European Geological Union General Assembly (Vol. 12, EGU2010-234, 2010). Vienna, Austria. May 2010. [PDF]

Shahab D. Mohagegh, West Virginia University and Grant Bromhal, DOE-NETL;  Top-Down Modeling: Practical, Fast Track, Reservoir Simulation & Modeling for Shale Formations. AAPG/SPE/SEG/SPWLA Joint Hedberg Research Conference Austin, Texas, December 2-10, 2010. [PDF]
  • Vida Gholami

Gholami, V. (2010): "Fuzzy rock typing enhancing reservoir simulation and modeling by honoring high resolution geological models.", MS Thesis, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department, West Virginia University. [PDF]

  • Amirmasoud Kalantari-Dahaghi

A .Kalantari-Dahaghi “Numerical Simulation and Modeling of Enhanced Gas Recovery and CO2 Sequestration in Shale Gas Reservoirs-A Feasibility Study”, SPE 139701, SPE International Conference on CO2 Capture, Storage, and Utilization, New Orleans, LA, USA ,2010. [PDF]

A .Kalantari-Dahaghi, S.D. Mohaghegh “A New Insight into Integrated Reservoir Management using Top-Down, Intelligent Reservoir Modeling Technique; Application to a Giant and Complex Oil Field” SPE 132621, SPE Western Regional Conference, Anaheim, CA, USA,2010. [PDF]

A .Kalantari-Dahaghi, V. Gholami, J.Moghadasi “A Novel Workflow to Model Permeability Impairment through Particle Movement and Deposition in Porous Media”,  Transport in Porous Media Journal (Springer Science)- Volume 86, Number 3, 867-879, 2011. [PDF]


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