Petroleum Engineering & Analytics Research Lab

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Smart completions let engineers intervene with details of wells’ operations from a distance. Smart wells transmit nearly continuous (real-time) data streams (pressure, flow rate, etc.) to the remote office, providing immediate feedback on the consequences of recent decisions made and actions taken. Smart fields include multiple smart wells providing the possibility of managing the entire reservoir remotely and in real time. Our industry is now on the eve of making real-time reservoir management (RTRM) a reality. Artificial intelligence and data mining (AI&DM) is one of the key enabling technologies for RTRM. AI&DM enables us to process, model, and use real-time data streams, build accurate prototypes of sophisticated reservoir-simulation models that can respond to changes in model input in real time to help us make crucial reservoir management decisions and close the loop on high frequency feedback to the reservoir model for making RTRM a reality.

In short, the contribution of AI&DM technology to smart fields can be summarized in two items: (a) It provides the technological capabilities to automatically and autonomously handle high-frequency data streams received from permanent down-hole gauges (data cleansing, data summarization, pattern recognition, adaptive online modeling, etc.); (b) It provides the modeling framework and workflows that allows the existing reservoir simulation models to be run in real time, thus making RTRM possible.

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